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Seed Beads

Seed beads are great for providing the perfect finish and cover all thread trails throughout a piece.  We offer a variety sizes and shapes in seed beads including round, cyclinders,  magatamas and bugles.  Japanese seed beads are the most consistent in size and shape, and we offer two brands, Toho and Miyuki in sizes of 15, 11, 08, and 06.


Glass Beads​

Glass beads can be used in almost every jewelry piece.  We offer a variety of shapes and sizes including round, faceted rounds, rice, and pellets.  Sizes ranging from 2mm to 12 mm.


Multi-hole Glass Beads

Two hole glass beads are allow design changes in shape and size.  We carry a variety including tilas, silkies, lentils, superduos, mini duos,  kheops, kites,  checkmates and daggers.  Always adding more of these popular beads.



Need a little spark in your creation?  These beauties are perfect for that and we offer both Chinese, Swarovski (limited) and Preciosa.

Semi-precious Beads

Stone beads are beautiful and unique, each one a little different because of where the stratas run.   These are a terrifc addition to any jewelry piece.


Size 11 Seed Bead Matte Andromeda.jpg
Size 11 Seed Bead Metallic Frosted Mediterran Blue.thumbnail.jpg
Size 11 Seed Bead Rainbow Dandelion.jpg
Size 11 Seed Bead Dark Bronze
Prairie Green Iris firepolish
Cardinal red firepolish
Flax firepolish
Cherub pink Firepolish
Rose Gold Candies
Crystal AB Ginkos
Turquoise Luster Kites
Turquoise Metalust Matte Nibbit
Sapphire 8mm Chatons
Siam 4mm Bicones
Fuchsia Rivoli
Sun 4mm Bicones
Electroplated Hematite
Semi precious beads
Semi precious beads
Jewelry box of beaded jewelry

Open Beading is Available

Wednesday through Sunday

11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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