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Basic Stringing

Basic stringing is a terrific start for beginners.  This explores the use of color and patterns to a make a stunning piece with your own personal stamp of individuality.


Basic stringing will involve choosing the beads you would like to use, setting the pattern and crimping the toggle into place to hold the entire piece together.  Class instruction is for free when the materials required to complete the project are purchased from us.   This structure allows you to explore the craft without breaking your budget.  This class does not require any set appointment and is available from Wednesday to Sunday anytime between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.


Plan on spending time constructing your pattern and choosing your beads in addition to actually executing the piece.  We furnish the tools, mats, lighting and workspace for you to complete your project.


Check out the gallery to get ideas of what you would like to create.

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