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Beadweaving has been around for a very long time.  I stumbled upon it when I became bored with basic stringing.  The possibilities this form of jewelry making opens up is endless!  I will never run of projects to do. 


Beadweaving involves the use of needle and thread allowing versatility in design.  There are thousands of patterns available out there to learn.  (Check out patterns for sale here) Basic stitches like right angle weave, brick stitch, peyote stitch and square stitch are essential to learn.


Our beadweaving classes are photographed below with their availability noted.  Our classes are "no appointment" classes so stop in when it is convenient to you; plan on a couple of hours to finish a project.   Instruction on beadweaving classes is for free providing you purchase all materials required for the class from us.  Classes typically range between $10 to $25 depending on the materials used.  We will furnish mats, tools, lighting, workspace and instruction. 

With special occasions, we will happily make custom jewelry for you. Click here to see available designs for special occasions. 

Classes Available

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