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Kumihimo Braiding

Kumihimo Braiding with beads

The ancient art of Kumihimo braiding is now available for Western society.  This long practicing art has now made its home with jewelry designers everywhere.


Raincharmer Beads is now offering classes for both the beaded and unbeaded ropes of Kumihimo.


Class will include instruction sheet, setting up your board, execution of braid, ending your piece with closures and a little history.


We suggest you begin your journey into this art form with the fabric (rattail) first so you can become accquainted with the rhythm of braiding. 


Both classes are available every Friday & Saturday and does not require an appointment.


Kumihimo braiding fabric - $20 plus materials.  Materials required are kumihimo braiding disc, mixed color combo of rattail containing at least 4 strands (2 yards each), findings, glue, nylon cording, bobbzee.  


Kumihimo braing beads - $20 plus materials,  Materials required are kumihimo braiding disc, 100 4mm firepolish in at 4 different colors, nylon cording, bobbzee, weight.


Plan on the class taking up to 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

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