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Swarovski Crystals

8mm Chatons

8mm Chatons are perfect mates to the rivolis, allowing you to create a beautiful artistic piece.  Raincharmer Beads has added 50 wonderful colors for you to choose from.


Rivolis can be used as centerpieces in a variety of beadweaving patterns.


We offer these gems in 3 sizes: 12 mm, 14mm and 18mm.  Pictured below are some of the colors avaiable for 12mm & 14mm.  18mm have limited number of colors available. .



Crystal Bicones

Bicones are used in a variety of patterns to add a little spark.  We provide 3mm, 4mm and 6mm Bicones.  We have wide variety of the 4mm and smaller quantities of 3mm & 6mm. 

4mm Bicones

6mm Bicones


Crystaletts are mini crystal buttons with a shank that allows them to be added to give a spark to almost any design.

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