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Oh, she s all right. Jimmy s voice was a little unsteady as he replied. She has me da, and I ll be poppin up there every now and again. She s all right.

Oh, thank you. Thank you. Now Charlotte looked at Lizzie, and Lizzie said, An that s not all, there s me. She now dug her thumb in between her breasts. I ve got nothin to do with meself, I m sittin picking me nails half me time, an I thought, well, if she can put up with me I ll stay until the child comes cos I ve a mind to be the first to see me grandson, or me granddaughter, or twins, or triplets, whatever comes

Oh, Lizzie! Lizzie! Charlotte now turned and buried her face in the deep flesh of Lizzie s shoulder, and Lizzie, stroking her hair, muttered, There now. There now. Now stop it. It s the worst thing you can do to bubble your eyes out. Grannie Waggett used to say that you should never cry when you re carryin a child cos you re takin away the water it swims in. She gave a broken laugh here, then said, There now. There now. Come on, dry your eyes. What you want is a cup of tea. She turned towards Jimmy, saying, Pull that bell there, Jimmy, an ring for tea. Then with the tears still in her eyes, she laughed as she lifted Charlotte s face towards her, saying, Did you ever hear anythin like it in your life? Me, Lizzie O Dowd, saying ring for tea. What s the world comin to, I ask you?

Charlotte stared back into the face of the mother of her beloved. Two years ago she had been alone, but since then she had experienced love, and such love she knew she would never know again. But on the day she had bargained for Rory s love she had said to him that there were many kinds of love, and it was being proved to her now at this moment.


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